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Providing quality care where you feel the most comfortable

Our Mission

The mission of Advocate Services, Inc. is to create and provide effective mental health treatment programs that promote social justice and skills training for diversity by promoting the highest quality mental health care to everyone in the community.

Our Vision

By living the agency mission and values, Advocate Services, Inc. will challenge its skills and ability as the first-choice of residents and create multicultural competence that is strong and dependable, continuously raising the standard for community-inclusive care and allowing team member engagement to work effortlessly against mental health services discrimination.

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Advocate Services, Inc. is a home and mental health service provider in Minnesota, dedicated to delivering 24-hour high-quality care to everyone with the utmost respect for their individuality and dignity. The goal of the agency is to provide everyone the opportunity to enjoy daily activities, maintain a healthy lifestyle, and foster independence in a safe and welcoming environment. We take a directed approach to supporting people with various mental health challenges in achieving a better quality of life.

Value Statement

Advocate Services, Inc. is a client-centered agency structured for embracing cross-cultural diversity, working against heterosexism, racism, or sexism, with work environments characterized by integrity, dignity, equality, respect, and accountability.

Ethical Statement

Adhere to and act always in accordance with the highest ethical standard to prevent and eliminate mental health care discrimination in the organization and uphold the ethical code on policies and practices that are sensitive to every client’s culture.

If you would like to learn more about the center and our services, please feel free to get in touch with us at your convenience.